Monday, May 10, 2010

The Man Crush

We’ve all had it before. You’ve stared at your TV during a game as the camera moves in for a close up of your favourite player’s rugged playoff beard. You have feelings for this man – you may even love him. Not in the same way you love your wife, your girlfriend, or your 1976 Farah Fawcett poster (you know the one, and if you don’t – look it up – you’re welcome).

No sir, the “man crush” is very different from the regular “crush” we have on women. The man crush is something very special, shared between you and your favourite hockey player. It’s that feeling you got when you watched Iggy and Vinny drop the gloves back in 2004. That feeling you get watching Pavel Datsyuk do the “Datsyuk” on opposing goalies. That feeling you get when watching Owen Nolan streak down the wing, only to take the time to point out the top shelf for the Dominator at the 1997 all-star game.

Below I have listed my top 5 “Man Crushes” in the game of hockey. You can disagree with my selections if you want. But if you tell me you’ve never looked lovingly at a big Jarome Iginla smile and thought – yeah, I’d hit that – then you sir, are a liar.

5. Dion Phaneuf – He has the shot – he hits like a Mac truck – dates Elisha Cuthbert – and has a mean strut. Enough said.

4. David Booth – Known as a skilled offensive player, he showed his stuff by challenging Mike Richards to a fight upon his return from a concussion. You have to respect a guy like that. Now if only he could learn to keep his head up.

3. Henrik Lundqvist – Maybe it’s the long flowing Swedish hair, maybe it’s his winning smile. Either way he is one of the most dominant goalies in hockey and the only reason NYR has a chance at the playoffs year in and year out.

2. Sidney Crosby – He does everything and more on the ice for his team and his country. He has legs like tree trunks (according to Curt S after a men’s washroom run in with Sid). He also sports the best nickname in all of hockey. Am I the only one who can’t wait for him to be 35, and still be going as “the kid”?

1. Jarome Iginla - When we think of man crushes there is one name that comes to mind first, and that’s Iggy. He is a leader, a fighter, and a scorer. Rumour has it Gerard Butler watched hours of Iginla game tape in preparation for his role in the movie 300. I love ya Iggy.


Curt S said...

He may lose the "Kid" nickname if he ever moves out of Lemieux's basement.

Anonymous said...

Phaneuf effed Iginla's face up, so by default Phaneuf must be placed higher.

If Butler was watching Iginla to see what a black eyed loser looks like, than it would make sense for his method acting role as a group of soldiers who lost the battle.