Our Team

If you want to know what makes us tick, or why we write about the stuff we do, it probably has something to do with what's written below.

Name: Curt S
Most Hated Team: The Montreal Canadiens. While I may be too young to appreciate the true depth of the rivalry, I have spoken to Habs fans before and if that isn't enough to drive you to hatred, I don't know what would be.
Fantasy Team Keepers: Backstrom, Getzlaf, Sharp, Kovalchuk, Boyle, Rinne
Biggest Man-Crush: I'm an unapologetic fan-boy for Nikolai Kulemin.  Despite his struggles, I love his game and the way he plays in both the offensive and defensive zones.  He'll never be an elite player, but he'll also never get the respect he deserves.
Most Hated Player: Dan Carcillo. He dives, fakes injuries, and fights superstars (Gaborik). There's no sweeter justice than him hurting himself while delivering a dirty hit on Andy Sutton.

Name: Darren K
Most Hated Team: Ottawa Senators. Facing them 4 out of 5 years in the playoffs cemented them as the Leafs' biggest modern rival.
Fantasy Team Keepers: Malkin, Giroux, Hossa, Gaborik, Phaneuf, Lundqvist
Biggest Man-Crush: Jarome Iginla, he is a stud muffin on the ice and he married his high school sweetheart (Aww)
Most Hated Player: Mike Richards - he is a dirty SOB who only hits defenseless players who are smaller than him (see Booth, David)