Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sh*t My Girlfriend Says (While Watching Hockey) Vol. 2

Three games this week as the Leafs beat both the Predators and the Devils before losing to the most disgusting team in the NHL.  With the Predators' game being the rollercoaster that it was, my girlfriend was in predictably fine form.  I've also included a gem from the past for your reading pleasure.

Context: Nashville scores their first goal of the game.

"Oh geez.  Even the suits aren't impressed!"

Context:  Nashville scores their third unanswered goal and Ron Wilson starts talking strategy with his assistant coaches.  At least I assume it was strategy...

"Why is he holding that board in front of his mouth?  Not like he and the bald guy are hatching any brilliant schemes back there.  It's probably more like, 'I have to poop'."

Context:  The Leaf comeback is complete and they take the lead 5-4.

"This is the kind of epic collapse that I expect from a hockey team that plays out of Nashville."

Context: The Leafs are now playing the New Jersey Devils and Dion Phaneuf is being interviewed during the play.

"I hate to break it to you Dion, but I think they're playing better without you..." [Leafs score] "...Called it!"

Context:  Carey Price made a better than average save, going post-to-post to stop the puck, and Bob Cole was incredibly excited to see him do it.

"He makes ordinary things sound phenomenal. 'And he slides from one end of his three foot space to the other!!!!' It's ridiculous."

And now, a gem from her past.

Context:  She loves Mike Johnson.  Like really loves Mike Johnson.  Her family was watching the game in their living room and Johnson fired a shot off the post, narrowly missing scoring a goal.  Her brother yells, "Get in here!  Johnson just hit the post!"

"Oh my gosh!  Is he ok!?!?"

Until next week.


Leafschatter said...

Good humour. BTW, I do occasionally browse the stuffmydadsays tweets for a good laugh.

karina said...

Hehehe, Ron Wilson needs to poop.