Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ten Things Brian Burke is Sick of Hearing About

Brian Burke is a patient man.  Just kidding, he's Irish.  Despite clear frustration at times, he's answered every question the media has thrown at him during what was expected to be a busy off-season but ended up being largely a uneventful one.

Here is a list of the top ten questions Burke is sick of answering:

10)  Do you think you have too many defensemen?  No, I don't.  I think we don't have enough forwards.

9)  Why didn't you sign Bill Sweatt?  We tried, he priced himself off this team.  Our offer was 'generous' he's just a jackass.

8)  If you could do it over, would you pull the trigger on the Phil Kessel trade?  If I say 'no' it will demoralize him and the team, so yes.  Now shut the hell up, Berger.

7) Why do you have so many staff in your front office?  Someone has to run the joint while I'm fishing in the middle of the free agency period.

6)  How do you feel about Tomas Kaberle's no trade clause?  I think JFJ is an ass.  I mean, he was very smart to negotiate it the way he did.

5)  What are you going to do with Jeff Finger?  We're hoping to introduce him to Joe Sakic's snowblower.  Failing that, he'll start the season in the AHL.

4)  Is Nazem Kadri going to start the season in NHL?  Ideally no, but we're pretty thin up front - you know, since we got rid of Kyle Wellwood.  That guy was one fat motherf*#&er!

3)  What the hell is 'truculence'?  Dion Phaneuf.

2)  Speaking of Dion, how did you convince Sutter to pull the trigger on that one?  The guy re-signed Ollie Jokinen - do you really think I had to twist his arm?

1)  Why didn't you move Kaberle before his trade window expired?  Do you want Ryan Malone at $4.5M a year?  Didn't think so.

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