Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Toronto Maple Leafs Are Going to Make a Trade... I Think...

Darren Dreger tweeted that Philly offered Richards to the Leafs for Kulemin and Kadri and Mike Richards is presently a member of the Los Angeles Kings.

We can lament the Leafs not landing Richards and I'm sure we all will, but this tells me something:  Brian Burke has a deal he likes better that must be close.

Mike Richards is a Burke kind of guy.  He's a center which is what Burke is looking for this offseason.  Kadri has been rumoured to be in play from credible sources so it isn't as though he's untouchable.  For Burke to not have pulled the trigger on this one, there must be some other deal that has a good chance of happening.

I know this sounds 'hockeybuzz-y' but if you piece things together logically, it almost has to be true.  Dreger's trustworthiness is, in my mind, beyond reproach.  If we put this offer in a vaccuum then I think Burke would make the move value-wise.  The only thing that would stay his hand is the length of Richards' deal (which we know he wouldn't like) or the very real possibility that a significant move will happen prior to tomorrow's draft.

I'm no insider.  I don't have names, or sources who can confirm this.  It's just logic and everything seems to be pointing in the same direction.

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