Monday, April 26, 2010

Prepare for Launch!

Here it is! Your kinda fantasy hockey, kinda real hockey, kinda hockey humour blog! That's right, a crystal clear mission statement. You're welcome.

What we're about: Good question. Hockey, I guess. The truth of it is that we're sweaty pool nerds looking for a support group. The hope is that we'll provide some insight and analysis on both hockey and fantasy hockey and maybe even make you laugh a little.

Normative bias: My professors in university told me that this is important. I'm a Leafs fan. If you're a Sens fan or a Habs fan, I will likely make fun of you and you will, at some point, probably call me an idiot. I'm ok with this, just please keep reading. I don't like the Flyers either but since their fans can't decipher the written word I'm less concerned about addressing them here.

Layout: We'll try to keep the site as clean as possible. I realize that when you're making a blog that combines articles on fantasy-hockey with articles on hockey-hockey there could be some confusion but we'll try to be sure that the lines are blurred as little as we can.

So there you have it. It's my sincere hope that by the time the regular season rolls around that the blog will be running at full steam. Until then you'll have to deal with my hackneyed style of writting and half-baked blog posts.


Destroyko said...

To Whom It May Concern,

Please note that both the phrase "sweaty pool nerds" and the layout of this blog are copyrighted by Destroyko Industries (see Exhibit A:

Cease and desist or suffer the wrath of He Who Is One Evidence Exam Away From A Law Degree.



Curt S said...

Hmm, you have exceptional taste in layout, sir. Please note that I've changed the font of my header from the standard layout thereby rendering my layout entirely different than yours.

Destroyko said...

...well-met, BCP. Well-met. But you haven't seen the last of Destroyko!

*jumps out window*