Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dissecting Some Rumours: Kaberle

It's pretty much the consensus that if Burke can acquire a top six forward for Kaberle then Tomas' days in the Blue and White are numbered. There were recently a series of posts by a less-than-reputable rumor-lover. I'd like to go through some of these and look logically at whether a Kaberle deal with these teams, for those players, makes sense.

Ryan Clowe - Ok, makes sense. He's young, a powerforward and a winger. Is he a top six guy? That's debatable. He shouldn't have much problem making that grade on the Leafs. Does a Kaberle for Clowe deal make sense? From a Leaf perspective; yes, from a Sharks perspective; kinda. Boyle could use a little puck moving help and if the Sharks choose to breakup the big three up front then having a puck mover on each pairing would certainly help their up-tempo style.

Derick Brassard - Makes some sense. He's young and has a nice upside, that's for sure. A bit of injury history might make the Blue Jackets a little wary on this guy too. The problem here is two-fold. The Blue Jackets aren't ready yet and Kaberle only has one year left on his deal. The Leafs on the other hand are trying desperately to compete for a playoff spot this season and despite what Burke might say, he doesn't want to hand the Bruins another lottery pick. The Leafs probably aren't looking for a player that has significant room to grow.

Coburn and Van Riemsdyk - What? This 'deal' is said to include a top prospect as well. The problem here is that Coburn is awesome and Van Riemsdyk is a former top pick. I doubt Kaberle's value (even with a Kadri or a Schenn) doesn't touch down anywhere near this deal.

Alex Semin - Apparently the Leafs have no interest in a deal centered around Semin. Really? Seems dubious. If I can get a scorer like him, I'm doing it. What's more likely is that Washington has no interest in a package that centers around Semin and would prefer to see John Carlsson in that role than to part with a better than point per game player to acquire Kaberle. This one is just silly.

Jack Johnson - I'll buy it. Johnson isn't happy in LA and is definitely cut from the Burke cloth. He has a similar skill set to Phaneuf and is young. The problem here is that he's another defenseman. Still, not outside of the realm of possibility depending on how much pressure is on LA (no moves this offseason)(ed.within hours of having written this post the Kings signed Ponikarovsky. Yet another example of the power we wield here at BCP) and how bad the relationship between Johnson and the organization are.

Drew Stafford - Maybe. I know a lot of people like Stafford but I'm not a huge fan. He is a winger and he is young. Maybe it's a fit. Kaberle would look great alongside Tyler Myers so from a Sabres perspective you would have to say that the move looks great. As a Leaf fan, I'd be disappointed if this one went through.

The New Jersey Devils - This one never made sense to me. They're old. The whole team is between the ages of 35 and 70. Other than Tedenby I don't know what they can give us and Tedenby doesn't really fit the bill of 'NHL-ready, top six winger'. Do the Devils need a puck-mover? Hell yes, they just don't have the assets.

So there you have it folks. What's the deal you'd like to see?


Destroyko said...

If any of these deals (save for Stafford) were anything more than (e3!!) bull-spit, Burke would have driven Kaberle to Pearson by now (sorry...he would have made Nonis do it).

Buffalo fans don't care much for Stafford and I can see why, but I think if Burke can get as much as Stafford and a 2nd for Kaberle he will take it. If he can't get the pick too he'll probably just keep Kaberle til the deadline or try to re-sign him.

Of course, the above is assuming Burke doesn't let the other team talk to Kaberle about an extension first. If he does, I could see Clowe or Tedenby. Still not the others.

The Meatriarchy said...

Has Jack Johnson got some sort of attitude problem? Carolina couldn't get him out of town fast enough and now he is (allegedly) unhappy in LA?

If LA parts with him Burke will have to include more than Kabs. I would think a Johnson + (Forward/prospect) for Kaberle and Schenn whould be more in line with what LA would consider. But Kabs straight up for Johnson? If LA does that they are loco (loco is a word we used to use a lot back in the old days before the Internet).

Unless Johnson is a complete headcase. But even then LA needs forwards too. Why not trade him to any of the above mentioned teams Johnson for Semin? for Coburn and Van Riemsdyk? would make more sense than Kaberle for either of those.

If LA is even remotely thinking of putting Johnson on the market the takers for Kaberle could dwindle significantly.

Curt S said...

@ meatriarchy

I think it depends on how bad Johnson's rep is in NHL circles. Certainly many would think an American player under the US-hockey GM would be on his best behaviour so maybe the Leafs offer would be the best one. Not the most likely outcome, but certainly a plausible one.